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Where do I start?


Or What does a patent attorney need from you?

INVENTION RECORD Project number: (for PAPPAS IP use)

The invention record is a written description of your invention. It fulfils several important purposes:

  • It helps PAPPAS IP to assess whether the work is patentable;
  • It helps the patent attorney to prepare the draft patent, if PAPPAS IP decides to proceed with patenting;
  • It helps give PAPPAS IP and the University’s Intellectual Property Due Diligence team an early indication as to the University’s ownership of your invention, and identify issues which will need to be addressed downstream;
  • It provides an important record of the date of invention, which can become important in future patent process.

IMPORTANT: Discussions between you and PAPPAS IP about your invention are confidential. To avoid any inadvertent public disclosure of your invention please consider all discussions about the invention confidential. Please use Confidential Disclosure Agreements to protect discussions with anyone outside the University. Please ask PAPPAS IP for advice. Please answer the following questions, either on these two pages or on separate sheets.

Descriptive Title of the Invention.

  • Who was involved? Please tell us for each inventor or author, if software:/
  • Theirs name and if any are foreign nationals
  • Who their employer is, are any contracts or arrangements in place?

Please tell us about your invention:

  • What do you think your invention is?
  • What will your invention be used for?
  • What are the advantages of your invention and how does it improve on the present situation?
  • What is new about your invention?
  • How and why does it work?
  • What is the science behind the invention?
  • Are there any other uses of the invention?
  • Are you awareof any companies who have an interest in the area, e.g. companies who sponsorresearch or who attend relevant conferences? If so, please supply thecompanies’ names (and contact details, if you have them).
  • Do you know ofany published literature (including patents) relevant to your invention? Haveyou done any searching for published literature, and if so where? Pleaseprovide any details.

Please tell usthe story of the development of the invention:

  • When and where was the invention first conceived?
  • When was the invention first reduced to practice?
  • What practical work has been done to date on the invention?
  • Has the invention been tested in the laboratory or has it been used? If so please give results.
  • Who did what in the development of the invention?
  • What are your future plans for developing the technology? Do you have funds in place for this work, and what do you think you will achieve in this area in the next 12 months?
  • Who have you told about the invention? When did you do this and where?
  • When did you first describe the invention in writing or electronically? Do lab book records exist, or personal notes?
  • Have you published, verbally, electronically orin writing, anything relevant to the invention, and if so when and what? Pleasetell us about abstracts, web pages and presentations as well as any publishedarticles.
  • Do you have plans to publish the work? If so, what is the timescale and where will the publication take place? If a draft paper exists please provide a copy.
  • What is the funding background of the work you’ve done on the invention? Did you use any equipment, materials, samples, gifts or other in kind support provided by third parties, or biological materials obtained from humans? If so, please give details; specifically: was patient consent obtained?

For inventions that include software please provide the following additional information.

  • Please provide the software application name and version number.

For source code developed by the researchers identified in question 2 above:

  • Please provide a list of source files.
  • Please state which programming languages have been used.
  • Please list development tools used to create or generate the source files.
  • What copyright protection notices are included in the source files?
  • For new versions, please indicate which source files have been changed, added or removed since the previous version.
  • Please provide a list of documentation or other files that are required for others to use, develop and maintain the software.
  • Please indicate if the source files have been distributed outside the University, and if so, in what form and to whom?
  • If the source files are available as a web download, please provide the download URL and state the terms under which the download is available.

For other source files or libraries that are required to build the software application (external software):

  • Please list all external software (files and libraries) used that provide functions required by the application.
  • Please state which organization owns the software.
  • Please state how the software was obtained.
  • Please provide details of the licence terms, or if a standard Open Source licence the name of that licence.

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