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PAPPAS IP is an international patent law firm operating out of Athens in Greece. With more than 100 years’ cumulative experience in protecting our clients’ inventions in the United States, Greece and abroad, we are experts in supporting technology clients across the globe.

These range from Fortune 100 companies to small and medium-sized enterprises across a broad spectrum of industries, universities, and entrepreneurs.

PAPPAS IP brings together the right mix of professionals to provide the very best in technical support, as well as the law experts most familiar with the legal issues that impact the your technology or dispute.

Our staff team is made up of top US-trained patent attorneys, Greek and UK lawyers, patent agents, and technical professionals, all hand-picked for their broad-ranging expertise in patent, trademark, anti-competition, commercial, and copyright law. Our attorneys have successfully obtained patent protection for inventions ranging from microprocessors to pharmaceuticals.

We’re proud to deliver a personalized service and maintain a close attorney-client relationship with each and every client. Because your intellectual property is your most valuable, and often only, asset, we provide the complete set of legal acumen, technical knowledge, marketing, branding, competitive analysis, and corporate business experience.

This means we can develop the most appropriate intellectual property strategy to meet your business objectives at every step. For this reason, we have a well-earned reputation as one of the strongest IP boutique law firms in Europe.


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